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About us...

Our philosophy is -‘pets should look like pets’. We want to maintain the look of your pet as just that – your pet! They are a member of your family and we will always try and bring out their best look matched to their breed, coat type, condition and character rather than someone’s idea of ‘what this breed should look like,’ from a book.

baxters is a bespoke, home based dog grooming business run by Lizz Baxter. We are lucky enough to live in the beautiful seaside town of Dawlish in Devon, famous for its Black Swans. We choose to specialise in grooming to a pet, rather than breed standard. Dog grooming has come a long way and has changed dramatically in recent years. For some customers, it’s important that their Bichon Frise has the traditional, breed standard bouffant head shape and this is absolutely fine. However, most customers want something which is more manageable, easy to maintain and fits with their busy, modern, lifestyle. We have two dogs and if like us, you walk them in a variety of areas, fields, country lanes, the beach then it’s important to us that the fur on the legs is kept to a medium length with their feet that bit shorter. It makes cleaning them up after a muddy walk so much easier and less stressful! With a dog, sometimes practically wins over fashion. However, if you have a Cavachon who is a bit of a Princess and you like her to have a long fringe so you can tie it up in a topknot and add a bow, then great, we will keep it that way. After all, not only is she YOUR dog, but often it’s these little things that add to their character and personality. So, baxters is all about taking every aspect of your dog into account; from the type of coat it has, how often you groom it to where and how often it gets walked. This means we can create a look and style which is completely tailored to YOUR dog’s personality and needs.

At baxters, we understand that your dog is not simply just a pet, but is also an important family member. Each dog we groom is given the same amount of love and attention that we bestow upon our own special furry ones, Mr Big and Baxter (yes, he really is Baxter Baxter!). With this in mind, we have gone to great lengths to choose products which are naturally based and do not contain parabens and harsh chemicals. Our range has been used and trusted by groomers and veterinary professionals for almost 15 years. They are natural, soap-free and pH-balanced to clean and deodorize safely and thoroughly; leaving your pet's coat and skin brilliantly clean, soft, plush and smelling better than ever before.